Want to Earn Cash by Referring Candidates or Clients?

Know a Talented Rock Star?

We want to know them too!  And we’re willing to reward you for it!

Do you have a friend, family member, or colleague who is considering a career move?  Make a referral to Talent Made Simple and give them an advantage in their search! By opening the door for them, you may benefit from our referral program!

If you refer an employee (not already our database) who is placed in a direct hire (full-time) job (that is bonus eligible – this information will be listed on each specific job posting) and you will be paid a referral bonus 90 days after the start date at the client organization.

Note:  You do NOT have to be a Talent Made Simple employee to earn this bonus!  Earning potential is unlimited!  If you refer a candidate to a bonus eligible position (this will be noted on our job posting), and the candidate is hired, you will receive the bonus, after the employee successfully completes 90 days of employment.

How to Get Started:

1.  Visit our open jobs by clicking here.

2.  Know someone who qualifies and may be a great fit! Ask them to complete our online application.  On the application, they will be asked the following question:  “Were you referred by anyone?  If so, please list the person’s name here”.  Your information must be listed to qualify for the bonus for a bonus eligible position.

3.  Don’t see an open position, but know of someone who would be great for an IT, HR, Accounting/Finance and/or Administrative Support position? Have them apply here and list your name!  We’ll contact them for future openings, and if they are hired into a bonus eligible position, you’ll be rewarded!


Do you know of a potential client who could benefit from the services of Talent Made Simple?  Refer new business to us and if new business is established, you can earn a referral bonus, calculated by the profits!  

What is a client / new business referral:

     · New business referrals are HR executives, hiring managers, or internal recruiters whom you know personally and who are currently hiring.

     · If your new business referral becomes a Murray Resources client and hires at least one candidate through us, you will be awarded; reward to be determined by profitability

     · To qualify, you must have a personal or business relationship with the business contact, and establish an introduction with our company.

How to Get Started:

1. Email admin@talentmadesimple.com.  Include your contact information, as well as the following information on the client you are referring:

     a. Name

     b. Employer

     c. Job Title

     d. Phone 

     e. Email

     f. Is this person a personal friend, current or former colleague?

     g. Please describe in more detail how you know the referral and why you believe they are good lead at this time. 

2. If the lead translates into successful business, we will contact you to establish the reward!