Recruiting Services


We work with clients on consultative projects, including but not limited to recruiting and retention analysis, employer branding and social media, recruiting and on-boarding process design, recruiting strategy, systems identification and implementation and recruiting training.


This model works well with limited HR/Recruiting teams, being cost-effective, and working closely with the client through the entire process from job design to the offer package.


Outsourcing is utilized when there are ongoing and consistent recruiting needs but the organization chooses not to have an in-house recruiting model. We manage the end to end process for recruiting and on-boarding.

Contingency / Direct Hire

Clients who are having challenges identifying qualified candidates for hard to fill positions love this option. This can augment the efforts of an in-house recruiting department. Our tools and resources are leveraged to identify high quality candidates. Fees are typically a percentage of the candidate's first year base salary.

High Volume / Mass Hiring

We have extensive experience working with clients to manage the hiring process for special projects or seasonal mass hiring, high volume initiatives. Our processes have been tested and work efficiently and effectively to ensure clients have the talent they need, when they need. We tailor our work design based upon the client’s specific needs.

Contract Staffing

At times, our clients need short-term employees for a project or temporary assignment, and may not have the desire to hire them directly. In these cases, we help our clients to supplement their staff by providing contract employees to achieve short term goals. We pride ourself on placing quality employees.

HR Consulting & Fractional Services

We work with clients to provide project services on retained or fixed fee service. Fractional services allow for a shared services approach, to provide HR expertise to manage all portions of HR or execute strategic projects. 

This enables clients to leverage human capital expertise they need without overhead and expense with small or non-existing HR. Through these services, we can customize an approach that aligns with your needs:

  • Evaluation and Risk Assessment
  • HR Design and Strategy
  • HR Advisory Services
  • HR Administration
  • Federal and State Regulatory Compliance
  • Training and Development